Cécile Da Costa is a Prague-based performer, singer and choreographer of French-Portuguese origin. She has been a member of Farm in the Cave company for five years, and from 2010 she joined Spitfire Company and collaborated with them until 2020.

She created her first production of Roselyne for ProFitArt.

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Roselyne on a journey to Serbia

July 1st, 2021:

Roselyne doesn’t stop and continues on her tour. After performing in České Budějovice, Brno and Rijeka, Croatia, she is now going to Novi Sad in Serbia, where she will dance, sing and above all tell her story at the Tanz Platz Festival on September 16th. More info here

Coming Soon

January 30th, 19:30:
Nothing else, Mothers – Palac Akropolis (tickets)

February 2nd, 20:00:
Roselyne – PONEC – dance venue (tickets)

February 7th, 18:30:
Nothing else, Mothers – Komunitní centrum Půda, Praha-Suchdol (more info)

March 30th, 19:30:
Nothing else, Mothers – Palac Akropolis (tickets)