Variations around Brazilian folk dances / How to recycle energy?

During one of my travel in the north of Brazil, I was lucky to witness two forms of Brazilian folk dances Bumba Meu Boi and Cavalo Marinho. Apart from being fascinated by the dexterity, lightness and the speed of the dancers, I was wondering how comes that old men could dance all night without getting tired. Where was their energy coming from? How were they able to recycle it?

Sometimes, in specific circumstances – e.g. rituals – we are able to find a source of power, which can surprise us. Its as if we would be able to connect to an endless energy existing around us.

My intention during the workshop is not to guide you into any ritual form of dance or to offer any experience of this kind.

The workshop is based on a transformation from physical training inspired by Brazilian folk theatrical tradition (Bumba meu Boi and Cavalo Marinho) into creative improvisation. We will observe how our energy fluctuates and how we can work with it. How we can recycle it with the help of breathing, releasing movements, emotions or sharing the moment with others.


  • Music: an important partner and support in the experience.
  • Relation between rhythm and meaning.
  • Variations of connections: with space, partners, the body, with regard to your character and anatomical traits.