Look who I am, | This is me.

Workshop is for mothers and daughters

Lead by Klára Horáková and Cécile Da Costa

This workshop is for mothers and daughters who would like to experience moments together in a different perspective.

Do you feel that you have not enough time to share with your mother/ your daughter?

Do you think that you are communicating in certain stereotypes, not being able to step out from them?

Would you like to experience something new together?

The aim of this workshop is to create space and time to be together, to share an experience without judging it. It gives you the opportunity to get out of your daily routine to discover or rediscover who is your mother / your daughter, so close to you and sometimes so far, so similar to you and so different.

During the workshop, we will combine visual arts (mainly painting, drawing, collages) and dance (movement games, dance improvisations) to (re)discover ourselves. We will look for new perspectives how to perceive our unique relationship from which we draw our whole lives – the relationship between mother and daughter.


(photos used with the kind permission of arto.to gallery in Coal Mill)