Expressive body

Workshop of physical theater

The workshop aims to create the space and opportunity for the development of an individual physical tongue capable of complex subtle expression.

By engaging the entire “bodymind”, the body becomes a reflection of the inner thoughts and the channel for the self.

It is not about searching for new techniques, or aiming to a performing result but rather to give to each participant the space and time to find their own way of body language.

We will take time to focus on individual development, to listen and follow the creative impulse of the moment and choose how to use it at its best potential. 

For this we will ask ourselves several questions.

  • Where does a movement come from?
  • How can we enlarge the possibilities to make it speaks, to catch the spectator attention?
  • How to work with different qualities of movements?
  • How to transform a movement into a physical action?

“A real action produces a change in the tension of your whole body, and subsequently a change in the perception of the spectator.”

A dictionary of theater anthropology, Eugenio Barba

If in their research an actor distinguish the rhythm (accents, tempo, speed) from the shape (design in the space and time) and from the flow, the reality of a performer is working with all of them at once.

The content of the workshop is based on exercises using the kinetic energy, the space, partnership, senses and visualization, rhythms, and voice.

(photos used with the kind permission of gallery in Coal Mill)