Dancing with Art

Dance improvisation workshop

A dance improvisation workshop held right in the gallery offers teachers an unusual method of working with the artwork, but also with themselves. The aim of the project is to show the participants that we can understand, experience and further interpret the artwork, as well as everyday reality, not only with words, but with our whole being.

Participants can experience how naturally our body can interact with the outside world when given freedom and space. They can then transfer their own experience from the workshop into their daily practices. The event takes place in the gallery space of the installation. This project is suitable for the general public as well as a workshop for students or teachers.

While each dance workshop is unique, it follows a structure where participants learn about the exhibition and choose one or more works that speak to them the most. After writing a spontaneous text, a movement section follows with elements of contemporary dance and interaction with the artworks. The purpose is to open up communication with the outside world through one’s own body, to free oneself for this different kind of speech.

Dancing with Art is a joint project with the arto.to gallery in the Coal Mill and is non-transferable. If you are interested in this project, please follow the news of the gallery in the Coal Mill or contact the gallery directly at arto@arto.to.

Photo: Kristýna Šaarová (photos used with the kind permission of arto.to gallery in Coal Mill)