Zero etc.

Zero etc. What if while looking in the eyes of disasters we could still tell each other beautiful stories? Performance-dialogue of Cécile Da Costa, her eight-year-old daughter Thelma and performer Lukáš Karásek “Mummy, will there still be fish in the oceans when I grow up?” The future is difficult to imagine. Models and paradigms are failing. […]

Roselyne, 2020

Roselyne Cécile’s first author theatre production. A woman named Roselyne is looking for her place. Her place in the room, her place in the eyes of others, her place in life. She wants to be invisible. She doesn’t want to interrupt. She doubts. She’s always hiding behind something. She found her plant. Roselyne can be a reflection […]

The Narrator, 2016

The Narrator, 2016 Solo performance of Cécile Da Costa directed by Peter Boháč. Inspired by the book The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi. Many women hide secrets in their lives, many women cannot talk about them and many conceal their experiences with childbirth, abortion or miscarriage. Is it a social taboo? A French performer Cécile Da Costa […]